Amandula Hub Community consists of diverse, conscious, like-minded individuals, exchanging skills and knowledge in the pursuit of better quality of life through work-life balance, with the freedom to be location independent, generally working for themselves or as a part of remote teams.

Here are some ways to get more involved:

  • Become a member of Amandula Hub.
  • Join our Facebook community let everyone know you’re here, don’t be shy!
  • Ask our team to help you host your own event and share your skills.
  • Buy someone a coffee and share a desk together.
  • Introduce yourself to new people and make yourself known.
  • Participate in events like our monthly BBQ one of the best way to have fun and meet members.
  • Join us for social drinks each Friday or a Members Lunch during the week.

If your facing challenges, need to learn new skills or just have an awesome idea for an event then we have the facilities and the team to back it up.

Our community hub is a place where people connect in Sicily this gives our members a sense of belonging that is intangible. This invisible asset enables everyone to focus on their latest projects, increase productivity, find more balance, and connect to some amazing people while exploring the magical island of Sicily.

Once you are a member of Amandula Hub, you become a part of the fabric of its community, and are able to influence its life, events, projects and growth. Profit from memberships and events flows back into the Amandula Community as well as a selected group of grassroot organizations and community outreach programs in Ragusa & Sicily.