Amandula Hub has its own onsite café.

We have a big choice of :


“Doppio” two shots of Espresso straight

“Caffè Americano” shots of espresso and filtered hot water

“Latte Macchiato” foamed whole milk marked with shots of Espresso

“Caffè Macchiato” sweet ristretto espresso shots, finished with steamed whole milk

“Cappuccino” a shot of espresso topped with a deep layer of foamed milk

“Caffè Latte” a shot of espresso in steamed milk lightly topped with foam

Also with vegetable milk

Herbal Tea:

“Green tea” great for detox

” Black tea” morning tea

” Herbal tea” relaxing

“White tea” low caffeine content

“Rooibos tea” antioxidant


” Juice refreshing detox” carrot/apple/ginger or orange/carrot/apple

“Banana smoothie” almondmilk/banana/dates

“Apple smoothie” cinnamon/apple/oat milk

Cafe Open Times
Food, coffee & beverages open from 9am to 3pm (from Mon to Fri).

Members please note: There is no outside food allowed in the Hub between 9am to 3pm while our café is serving food.