1. Methods of Payment

1.1 PayPal is the easiest and most secure way to make payments for online purchases. It is quick and easy, you can pay safety with all credit cards, prepaid cards.

PayPal is an eBay company, enables the sending and receiving online payments to all companies or home users who have an e-mail. All payments made by PayPal are safe. For more information visit

After selecting the products at the end of the purchase process, if you choose this method of payment, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to make the payment safely by credit card. Personal information is handled exclusively by PayPal server and protected by an effective system of protection. You need not be holders of a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

The AROMI Sicily SRLs will be not able at any time of the purchase process to know information about the buyer’s credit card, sent via secure connection directly to the bank handling the transaction. Neither any archive of the AROMI Sicily SRLs would retain such information. Under no circumstances AROMI Sicily SRLs can be held responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards by third parties, upon payment for products purchased on

1.2 Bank Transfer (in advance): The bank transfer can be made from any country in the UE area and any bank fees are charged to the customer. If you want to opt for this method of payment, during the purchase process you have to select the option BANK. You can proceed conduct of a bank transfer only after the customer has received confirmation from Gli AROMI Sicily SRLs order confirmation with the relevant amount. Do not make the payment by bank transfer before receiving the confirmation e-mail from the SRLs AROMI Sicily, only after this message you can make the transfer to the bank that you will find in the same order confirmation.

AROMI Sicily SRLs will proceed to execute the order only after receiving copy of the bank transfer by e-mail or fax with the full header of the sender Bank and No. Cro customer name and number and the date of the order.

The bank Banking Customer must be received no later than 7 (seven) working days from the date of acceptance by the AROMI Sicily SRLs After this period, the order will be automatically canceled.

The data to make the bank transfer to the account of the AROMI Sicily SRLs are:

IBAN: IT65P0301984520000008003447

in favor of the AROMI Sicily SRLs


Reason: purchase at

At the Bank: Credito Siciliano

1. 3 Cash on Delivery: In case of payment on delivery, payment shall be made only with cash or by check, made out to Gli AROMI Sicily SRLs Nothing more than what is indicated in the order will be due by the Client. This payment method that charges a fixed set by courier € 7.00 (EUR seven) specified in the order detail.

You will not accept the COD as a mode of payment for the orders coming from the euro with amounts in excess of € 250.00 and for those from Italy with amounts in excess of € 500.00.

The staff of Gli AROMI Sicily s.r.l.s