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Aromatic kokedama: a soil ball (Dama) covered by musk (Koke) and enclosed by roots or seeds. It can also be considered as a plant that can survive without any pot, even though for Asians – who invented it – it is the poor alternative to the bonsai. If hanged to the ceiling or the wall, it can become an elegant and spectacular piece of furniture, while when it is put on a plate it is a wonderful design installation.

It was the homage to the guest form the host at the tea Ceremony as it symbolizes friendship and cordiality. Once ripened, roots came out from the musk or the laces used for the twine broke, so it was time to be pot or planted in the garden. From that moment on, friendship would have been consolidated.

If you buy a Kokedama, you can share the same emotions and start a friendship that will last forever.

Plants that compose Kokedama will be selected among our 200 species and upon availability of the period.

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