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Its elegant and delicate aroma gives your fish recipes a unique flavor. Dill comes from the same botanical family as wild fennel, even though a cooler climate than fennel is preferable in order to let it grow at its best.

That’s the reason why on fall and winter season we usually produce this product dried.

We are talking about an annual aromatic plant – which is part of the family of Umbelliferous plants and hails from Middle East – with an aroma similar to fennel and anise. Leaves and seeds are both edible. This flavoring has been having the right relevance in Italy for a few years.

Dill essential oil has aromatic, freshening, digestive and antiseptic properties. Grinded and infused dill seeds create a liquid which is good for several purposes: strengthening nail soaks, facilitating digestion, calming down hiccup and stomach cramps and alleviating flatulence and insomnia. Dill infusion is traditionally used to stimulate milky secretion. Chewing dill seeds makes breath fresher.

In Italian cuisine, it is used to season salads, boiled eggs, to marinate food as well as in the fish sauce, to give soup, dips and grilled meat a more structured flavor. It also fits well with yogurt, acid cream, and fresh cheese.

Some people consider dill’s taste as unpleasant due to its intensity and bitterness. Smoked salmon – which goes well with dill flavor – is one of the reasons of the reintroduction of dill in the Italian cuisine thanks to its huge consumption from 80’s/90’s on.

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